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The engine room of every high performing business is a quality leadership team delivering a clear strategy and working with engaged teams of people. At Leading Edge we are passionate about helping you design, implement and fine tune this combination to unlock your future best.


Leading Edge brings a structured process to transforming your business. We are able to help you define your vision, design your strategies and structures and then embed performance at every level through high performing engaged teams. This process embeds in your business through the transformation process in order to ensure the delivery of genuine results and sustainable performance.


"At Leading Edge the transformation process is effective and lasting because it deeply engages people at every level of the organisation. It allows them to co-author the change journey which then embeds a genuine high performance culture."



our values

A holistic approach

to business success.

Leading Edge’s approach is to provide performance that can be measured right across the balanced scorecard which includes cost management, revenue optimisation, safety improvement, people engagement and environment considerations.


Monday - Friday 11:00 - 18:30

Saturday 11:00 - 17:00

Sunday 12:30 - 16:30 


Smart systems that lead

to sustainable change.

Leading Edge works with you to identify, create and implement smart business systems and processes that make work easier, improve productivity and reduce frustration and re-work. This approach ensures change is sticky and creates the much needed oxygen in your leadership team to get above the delivery and bring focus to the strategy.


Leadership, people &

great relationships.

Leading Edge is passionate about working with your people, developing your leaders and unlocking value and energy by creating performance culture within your teams.

Our approach is designed to link everyone to the vision of the organisation and thus giving their work a sense of purpose. 


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Unlike many of his contemporaries, Todd worked in industry for a decade before commencing his University studies. During this period he travelled, worked in not-for-profits with street kids, did farm work, overseas emergency aid, worked on building sites, shipyards and even learnt to fly aeroplanes.


This experience built a foundation strong in the appreciation of hard work, a wide range of practical skills and an understanding of the challenges of small business. More importantly, it also brought an appreciation and a love for people and the skills to genuinely connect with them irrespective of their background, stage of life or status. 

This passion now fuels Todd’s leadership style and helps him to build great teams, create  energy and self confidence in others and to take large groups of people on journeys of change that they wouldn’t have otherwise believed they could accomplish.


Over the last 25 years, Todd has used this people centred approach to drive transformation in a in a broad range of corporations and industrial settings. This is the reason why he created Leading Edge, to make these skills, expertise and energy available to you and help you drive transformation.


Whether it be at an enterprise, team level or individual level, Leading Edge can help you make good change happen within your business.

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