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Leading Edge is an Aviation Management Consultancy



We tailor support programs and solutions to meet the needs of your organisation. Our capabilities include conducting strategic resets, complex organisational change, operational, compliance, security and safety transformation process, commercial and tender support. 


Our focus is always to work through your team. We pride ourselves on delivering genuine, sustainable results and this is achieved through integrating our consulting work with our leadership development programs. We combine real-time coaching and formal training to lift performance, reset behaviours and integrate cultural change. We find the greatest payoff in investing in leadership is your front-line supervisor and duty manager cohort. These leaders hold the keys to unlocking real business performance. 


Our legacy is the wisdom of our experience that we seek to impart to every organisation and every individual. We have a well known reputation in industry for being wise and generous and our business advisory services are highly valued. We work with organisations to solve those periodic challenges or opportunities and we also engage at ongoing Advisory Board level to provide ongoing advice, support and expertise. 


Whatever your requirements, get in touch and have a conversation. Our capabilities may well be exactly what you need. 

"At Leading Edge the transformation process is effective and lasting because it deeply engages people at every level of the organisation. It allows them to co-author the change journey which then embeds a genuine high performance culture."

 TODD CHAPMAN (Principal)


Todd Chapman Leading Edge Consulting



In the dynamic field of aviation, Todd Chapman's career trajectory is marked by a series of strategic pivots and leadership roles that have contributed to the industry's evolution. His initial steps, grounded in a passion for flying, led to acquiring a pilot’s license and completing a Diploma in Aeronautics. His path soon extended into diverse operational domains within the aviation sector.

With a foundational role at Hazelton Airlines, Todd transitioned to the Qantas Group, where he embraced the challenges across various segments of the business, including regional airlines, freight, and catering services. His academic pursuits in Aviation Management and Change Management, crowned with an Executive MBA, ran in parallel with his professional life, equipping him with a robust framework to navigate the complexities of the aviation landscape.

At Qantas, Todd's roles were characterized by a commitment to safety, operational efficiency, and team leadership, contributing to the organization’s transformative initiatives. His reputation for effective problem-solving led to an internal consultancy role, focusing on enhancing the performance of various business units.

The unforeseen winds of change brought by COVID-19 presented an opportunity for a new venture. In 2021, Todd established Leading Edge Management Consulting, which quickly became a nexus for aviation organizations seeking strategic and operational transformation, with a people centered approach. .

Todd’s expertise also extends beyond Australian borders, with a presence in the Pacific and advisory engagements with global entities, reflecting a commitment to sharing knowledge and fostering industry alliances.

In parallel with his Consulting practice, Todd remains dedicated to supporting the broader aviation community. He contributes at an Advisory Board Level to the  Institute of Transport and Logistics at Sydney University and the Royal Flying Doctor Service, and shares his expertise as a Flying Instructor and President of the Central Coast Soaring Club.


Certified Chair | Advisory Board Centre

Company Directors Course | Australian Institute of Company Directors

Master of Business Administration (Executive) | Australian Graduate School of Management, Sydney, NSW

Graduate Certificate in Change Management | Australian Graduate School of Management, Sydney, NSW

Bachelor of Aviation Studies, Major in Aviation Safety | University of Western Sydney, Sydney, NSW

Associate Diploma of Applied Science | Aeronautics | Sydney Institute of Technology, Sydney, NSW

Head of Operations | Qantas Airlines | July 2020 - March 2021       

Head of Safety, Airports and Freight | Qantas Airlines | Mar 2019 – June 2020

Head of Aviation Services | Qantas Airlines | April 2018 – March 2019

Head of Airports | Jetstar Airlines| Nov 2016 – Mar 2018

Head of Transformation | Qantas Freight & Catering | Jan 2016 – Nov 2016

Head of Airports | Qantas Regional Airlines | Jan 2012 – Dec 2016

Manager Wet Lease Operations | Qantas Regional Airlines | Jan 2006 – Jan 2012

Manager Business and Systems | Qantas Regional Airlines | Jan 2000 – Jan 2006

Information Systems Supervisor | Hazelton Airlines | May 1998 – Jan 2000

Logistics Manager, PNG | Salvation Army | Jan 1998 – May 1998

Royal Aeronautical Society Membership.png

Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society


2023- present

Advisory Board Centre Membership.png

Member of the Advisory Board Centre

2023- present

AICD Membership.jpg

Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors


2021- present

Logo with outline of white tsp back_sml_.png copy.jpg

President, Flying Instructor & Safety Officer

- Central Coast Soaring Club


2020 - present

Community Fire Unit Volunteering.png

Firefighter - Berowra Community Fire Unit

2007- present

RFDS Advisory Board.png

Royal Flying Doctor Service - Board Aviation Committee


2018 - present

Uni of Sydney.png

Sydney University - Institute of Transport and Logistics

2015 - present


Specialist Consultant

Beginning his career in health, it was the transition from clinician to business owner, where it became obvious to Dan that being a leader of people within a business allowed him far greater freedom and leverage to make a positive impact than what was afforded to him as a practitioner.

With the move to business came the unexpected discovery that Dan’s analytical approach to understanding issues with the human body system had a huge cross-over in using the same skill to recognising issues with business systems. Moreover, his understanding of psychology and motivating behaviour change, allowed him to galvanise the people necessary to fix any business system issues.

Upon returning from a decade overseas to his hometown of Sydney, Dan embarked on a remarkable trajectory, working with some of Australia's most prominent companies including Qantas, Jetstar, Kelloggs, Arnotts, Pacific National and Visy.

His tenure as Chief Operating Officer (COO) during the tumultuous period of the COVID-19 pandemic saw him spearheading initiatives to navigate unprecedented

challenges and ensure the productivity and well-being of Australian workforces.

At the helm of a rapid antigen testing business, Dan oversaw a business that mobilised 1000 employees in a matter of weeks to support Australia’s essential services. His most recent role as an Operations Executive saw him putting systems in place across the business to ensure its long term profitability and scale.

With nearly two decades of experience as an operations executive, Dan has emerged as a passionate advocate for systemisation and operational excellence. He is renowned as a systems evangelist, adept at implementing and optimising systems across diverse organisational landscapes, from burgeoning start-ups to long-established enterprises seeking maturity and scale.

As a people leader, Dan embodies purpose-driven leadership, anchored in values and aligned with vertically integrated performance management systems. He is a skilled identifier and developer of talent, employing a blend of coaching, mentoring, and empowerment to nurture the next generation of leaders and drive organisational growth.

In his role at Leading Edge Management Consulting, Dan specialises in operational systems implementation & improvement, leadership development and project and

change management.

Dan edited low res.jpg


Lean Master Course | University of South Australia, Adelaide, SA

Grad Diploma Recruitment Holloway University, London, UK

BAppSc Physiotherapy Sydney, NSW

Specialist Consultant | Leading Edge Consulting | Feb 2024 to present

Chief Operating Officer | Bodycare Workplace Solutions | Jan 2020 - 24   

Corporate Manager  | Bodycare Workplace Solutions | Jan 2015 - 20 (inc. Key Acct Mgr to Qantas and Jetstar)

Business Owner/Director | Back in Action UK | Jun 2005 - Nov 2021

BD & Recruiter | Reed Health Group, London| May 2000 - Sep 2002


Manager - Hornsby Heights Football Club


2023 - present


Executive Committee Member - Association of Physiotherapists in Occupational Health and Safety,



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