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Leading Edge Management Consulting is passionately dedicated to the transformative power of leadership training and coaching, especially for frontline leaders, supervisors and duty managers.


Our belief is that investing in these pivotal roles can significantly elevate an organization's overall performance and culture. Our Leadership Development services, encompassing personalized coaching to comprehensive programs, are meticulously designed to enhance skills, confidence, and competence at every level.


We focus on nurturing emerging leaders and refining established ones with a special emphasis on empowering those at the frontline, ensuring they are equipped to lead effectively and inspire their teams.

Dedicated to the Transformative Power of Leadership Training & Coaching

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Facilitating immersive offsite sessions to enhance team cohesion and collaboration.


Providing personalised coaching to develop and refine individual leadership skills.

Program Design

Crafting tailored leadership development programs for various organisational levels.


Emphasising programs for duty managers and supervisors to strengthen frontline leadership.


Ensuring leadership styles align with and promote the organisation's core values and culture.


Training leaders in effective performance evaluation and mgt techniques.


Preparing leaders to effectively guide teams through organisational changes and transitions.

Conflict Resolution

Equipping leaders with skills to effectively manage and resolve workplace conflicts

Snr Leadership Enhancement

Specialising in advancing the capabilities of senior executives and high level managers


Elevating Performance in Aeromedical Organisation

Situation. An aeromedical organisation with a long history faced challenges in leveraging its tenure while addressing complexities that had developed over time. The goal was to implement a leadership program to foster a high-performance culture and enhance organisational capability.


Results. The leadership development program we ran was highly successful, leading to significant improvements in key performance metrics. Importantly, it fostered a people-centric change, positively impacting patient care and enhancing the organisation's overall competitiveness

Transformative Leadership in Aviation Security

Situation. Post-COVID, a national Aviation Security provider struggled with attracting and retaining staff, compounded by leadership challenges and the need to balance customer service with security assurance.


Results. Our people-focused leadership program, centred on individualised coaching, brought about a significant transformation. It improved staff retention and operational effectiveness, establishing new standards in workforce management and enhancing the organisation's ability to deliver both security and customer service.

Leadership Development in Remote Station Network

Situation. A domestic network with over 50 small stations heavily relied on the capabilities of managers in remote locations to manage demanding operations effectively.


Results. We designed and delivered a targeted leadership development program. This investment in leadership skills led to marked improvements in various performance metrics, including enhanced people engagement levels, demonstrating the program's effectiveness in strengthening remote operational management.

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