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Leading Edge Management Consulting takes pride in offering

professional and insightful advisory governance and support.


Our approach is to work collaboratively with your organization, skillfully guiding the design and establishment of advisory boards that align with your business objectives. We bring a balanced blend of extensive expertise and strategic insight, ensuring our services are both approachable and highly professional.


Our focus is on delivering practical solutions for problem-solving, managing change, and driving business growth, all underpinned by our strong industry insights and relationships. This commitment to excellence in advisory services is what distinguishes us, providing our clients with not just advice, but strategies that lead to meaningful and lasting impacts.

Professional & Insightful
Advisory Governance & Support.


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Advisory Board Formation

Specialising in the creation of advisory boards that provide strategic insights and guidance.

Board Membership 

Offering seasoned advice and support through active participation in advisory boards.

Governance Insights

Delivering expert advice to enhance governance frameworks and practices.

Project Advisory Support

Establishing temporary advisory panels for targeted project assistance and oversight.

Strategic Business Advice

Offering informed and nuanced advice for critical business decision-making.


Assisting in the development of effective policies through expert insights and recommendations.

Organisational Growth Support

Offering advisory support to foster sustainable organisational development and expansion.

Networking Enhancement

Providing insights to build and strengthen strategic business relationships.


Providing insights and advice to identify and manage business risks effectively.


Strategic Airport Terminal Transition

Situation. One of Australia's largest airports required advisory support to redesign its domestic terminal to incorporate new Standard 3 security screening equipment and expand its growth capacity, minimising customer and operational disruptions.


Results. Utilising our expertise and innovative thinking, we developed a functional transition plan that met all specified requirements. Our strong relationships with airlines were key in pitching and gaining commercial support for these solutions, ensuring a smooth and effective transition.

Guiding a Startup through Strategic Transformation

Situation. An Australian startup, after 13 years of growth, needed to transition from its high-energy startup phase to a more sustainable business model with appropriate systems, risk management, and organisational restructuring.


Results. Our strategic intervention involved establishing a new top-down organisational structure, aligning leadership focus with critical priorities. We also implemented suitable tools, procedures, and targets for frontline teams. This strategic redesign provided a foundation for consolidation and disciplined growth, maintaining the startup's energetic culture while steering it towards sustainable success.

Optimising Inflight Catering Business Ready for Sale

Situation. An established inflight catering company with a national presence and a large workforce was preparing for a sale, requiring process optimisation and simplification and all around improvements in standards and costs.


Results. Our comprehensive national transformation program focused on process optimisation, waste minimisation, safety enhancement, and compliance improvement. This initiative facilitated a successful sale, ensuring business continuity and service excellence throughout the transition.

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