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Our Principal Todd Chapman, has over 25 years of corporate experience in some of the most complicated and demanding corporate environments.


He is able leverage this background to create fit for purpose

solutions for your businesses transformation journey.

Struggling with too much success / STRATEGY DESIGN

Imagine one of Australia’s most successful start-ups who after 13 years of year on year growth was in trouble. The business had long outgrown their high energy start up phase and urgently needed needed an inflection point to move to a more sustainable phase  with fit for purpose systems, risk management and an overdue restructure and re-talent so it could enjoy the next period of growth. 


Solution. Establish a top down structure change to strengthen change management disciplines and focus leadership on the fewer, really important priorities. The business then needed to align that with the right tools, procedures and targets for the front line teams. This strategic re-design provided the right structure for consolidation and also provided direction and discipline for the high energy culture that had brought the business success.

Everybody appreciates discipline / SYSTEMS OPTIMISATION

A well established entity needed to get some controls, structure and systems around its 65 national outlets. The business had lost control of the spectrum of third party contractors that were representing it across Australia and it was showing in a loss of standards, dilution of the brand values and adverse cost and quality outcomes.


Solution. A supplier system of management was designed and implemented that provided a disciplined approach to leading these remote contractors, it provided benchmarking to understand who were the top performers and who struggled. It provided a league table effect that surged performance of the contractors.

Transformation can be restoration / SYSTEMS OPTIMISATION

A major third party supplier contract was in significant trouble. There was a complete breakdown in the relationship at senior and middle management levels and this was leading to multiple friction points, poor delivery and further breakdowns at operational levels. Both the customer and the supplier were at a standoff and unable to collaborate to fix the complex problems.


Solution. A complete relationship reset, the implementation of a shared KPI structure that forced collaboration and a series of sessions with the leadership team to restore a sense of vision, purpose and teamwork.

Preparing people for a huge change / CHANGE MANAGEMENT

A national food processing business was establishing itself to be sold. With decades of history, a national footprint and roughly 1500 blue collar employees, it needed help getting match fit for the sale.


Solution. We ran a national transformation program to optimise and simplify processes, minimise waste, improve safety and compliance and build change resilience into the people. The final outcome resulted in a very successful transaction with optimum value being realised for the seller. Further more there was no loss of business continuity nor service failures to any customers during complex transition process.

High leverage investment in key leaders / LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT

A domestic network with more than 50 small stations relied immensely on the capabilities of the managers in these remote locations to effectively manage a demanding operation.


Solution. In order to equip these people, a targeted leadership development program was created and delivered with outstanding results. Thanks to this targeted investment in leadership skills, performance improved across multiple measurable areas including people engagement levels.

A proven track record in coaching / EXECUTIVE COCHING

Todd Chapman has decades of involvement providing coaching and mentoring to both high talent junior executives as well as those in senior roles. The strategies used for this process are always focused on character, integrity, people centred leadership, resilience and enjoyment.


More specific coaching has been provided in conflict management, presentation skills and implementing change.


All people who have participated in coaching have drawn both professional as well as personal benefits that have accelerated career paths and created opportunities.

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