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Leading Edge stands out as a special organisation in the aviation industry. With our high energy approach, passionate commitment to people, and leveraging three decades of industry experience and wisdom, we offer genuine solutions right across the aviation sector.

Our business is to help you transform your business. We are a management consulting practice that has developed highly successful systems and techniques that have been applied and refined in a wide variety of corporate settings.

Leading Edge draws on people with real leadership experience, deep practical skills and demonstrated implementation success.


Our consulting service provides bespoke strategies and execution support tailored to the unique needs of organisations in the aviation industry. We specialise in strategy design, change management, commercial strategies, commercial support, risk and safety management systems and conducting operational effectiveness reviews to transform organisational performance.

At the heart of our Leadership Development Pogram is a passion for cultivating both emerging and established leaders through a spectrum of development options, from personalised sessions to comprehensive programs. We believe in the learnability of leadership and focus on enhancing communication skills, confidence & competence, fostering individual excellence at every level.

Our Business Advisory services provide strategic governance and advisory board participation, infusing your business with our extensive expertise and a network of valuable relationships. Dedicated to problem-solving, managing change, and driving business growth, we utilise our profound industry insights to guide your business towards success.

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Welcome to Leading Edge, where our three decade journey in aviation consultancy redefines excellence. Our aviation expertise isn't just broad, it's deep, rooted in leading and transforming key sectors such as Airports, Flight Operations, Freight, Operations Control, Maintenance and Engineering and Cabin Crew operations.


We're not just participants in Australian commercial aviation;

we've been at the centre of most significant transformations over this period. 

What truly sets us apart is our unique fusion of technical acumen with a genuine passion for people. At Leading Edge, we believe in creating connections that count. Our approach goes beyond traditional consultancy, we become an integral part of your team. The energy and connections we build with teams at all levels of an organisation is the difference that ensures we leave a legacy of genuine and resilient improvement.

Our services encompass  Management Consultancy, Leadership Development and Industry Advisory, each designed to align with your unique challenges and ensure impactful, sustainable results. Clients choose us for our consultative approach to strategy design and a partnership approach to execution that is successful thanks to our deep connection with your people. We carefully listen and understand before we plan and act. Throughout, we place people at the heart of everything we do.

Our legacy is to leave a robust network of empowered leaders and engaged teams, fostering a culture of excellence and innovation. We believe we don’t just help solve our problems of today,  we help create an army of problem solvers for tomorrow.

Bill Horrocks - CEO, Aviation Australia

Aviation Australia's collaboration with Todd Chapman from Leading Edge Management Consulting has been transformative. Initially hired for strategy and leadership development, Todd's role expanded to commercial proposals and industry think tanks. Leading Edge's deep aviation knowledge and passion for people stand out. Todd's connection with our team and understanding of our culture have been key to our success, making Leading Edge a crucial part of our growth



We treasure our integrity. We will always honour your confidence, respect your intent and take care of your customers.


We genuinely believe in people. We coach, inspire and invest in individuals to unlock new levels confidence and team performance.


Our optimism is contagious. We impart energy, passion and resolve to always find solutions.


We value our relationships. Aviation is complex and our industry network is unmatched, we may very know people who can help.

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